A Morrowind Diary

Nggalai is pissed off. People will pay. Oh yes, see if they won't.

 Day 1

Morrowind. Bleh. Dropped off at the pier of a small town on some stupid island with a slip of paper I'm meant to deliver to some chap in Balmora. Unfriendly lot, the Morrowinders. "Make it quick, outlander!" and "You're walking a thin line here" all over the place. Here's me with 100 Septims, and just one papery clue what the hell I'm supposed to do to get the fuck away from here again. The only friendly face is Fargoth the Bosmer, and I fucked him hard. Not physically, mind (I don't like Bosmers), but I helped some taxe collector or other finding Fargoth's secret stash. People here in Seyda-Neen start getting on my nerves. I think I'll really just hike North to Balmora and see what the fuck is up here.

I'm siiiiinging in the raiiiiin, just siiiiinging in the raiiin ...
Morrowind is proverbial for its great weather. Not.


Oh, just great. Caius or Cassius or whatever his name was is the head of some secret government agency called, get this, "The Blades". He also doesn't wear a shirt and lives in a dingy room in the Balmora ghettos. I'm supposed to get some training from the various guilds in and around Balmora, and check back later for assignments. We're answerable to the Emperor only, and everything is permissable, even though The Blades will claim they've never heard of me should I fuck up. Sounds a lot like Mission: Impossible to me, but without the cool gadgets and the funny rubber masks. At least No Shirt gave me another 100 Septims, so I'm now the proud owner of a full set of cheap-ass armor with a rating approximately 1/10 higher than a piece of silk, and some healing potions. World, beware! A hero is born!

Gods, I need a drink.

 Days 2 to 3

I joined the fighter's guild yesterday, mainly because my magic prowness leaves much to be desired, and I'm not nice enough for the Temple or Imperial Cult. The Blades Master, Mr No-Shirt, already voiced his opinion about the fighters' guild's steward at Balmora. I have to admit we didn't really get along from the get-to. Fire-Eyes is a stout girl with weirdo tattoos on her face going "hail!" whenever you see her. Her, not the tattoos. She's also a scheming bitch from hell — asked me to 'get' a code book from the thieves' guild, "by any means necessary; listen mister, I'm the steward here, if I say 'jump' you bloody well jump!" But I am getting ahead of myself. There was this black brotherhood incident, first.


I was supposed to inhume four Telvanni agents stealing ebony from the Caldera mining company. So far so good. "Be careful, they will have someone keeping watch." Yup, they had some idiot boy in front of the caves — a Bosmer who couldn't shoot to save his sorry ass. Oh, well, killed him, and wanted to take care of the remaining three agents in the cave. Oy, hard-boiled bastards them all. Was able to slip out of the cave, but then the weirdness started. Just when I settled down to clean my wounds, a chap in black pyjamas and a SWAT-like headset jumped out of nowhere and attacked me with what appeared to be a tooth pick. Thankfully, I still had Brent, my summoned skeleton, around to lend me a bony hand, and he quickly disposed of Black Pyjamas. What the hell? Once back in Balmora, asked one of the guards what the fuck that was supposed to be. The guard suggested I visited Ebonheart and ask the guards captain in charge there. Err, ok, so I'm supposed to bugger all the way to bloody Ebonheart on the other side of the bloody island, probably just to be told "to beware" or something. As if that weren't enough, Black Pyjamas used to wear some kick-ass armor that's too expensive to be sold anywhere near Balmora, at least at a decent profit. Just great. I'll ignore that guard's hint and hope no more SWAT types show up, thank you very much.

And don't get me started on Fire-Eyes. All she said was "well done, here's 400 gold pieces, now go and get that bloody code book chop chop." Problem is — I'm a member of the thieves' guild, too, and am not supposed to slaughter some three high-ranking operatives just to get a code book. "Bugger 'em all!" I thought, and got a thieves' guild job. Ha. Ha. Ha. "Get me the key to that Hlaalu manor, the lord's man-servant spends his time at the Corner Club." OK, went to the Corner Club. Yay, Camona Tong, no-go. So I went to steal the key from the lord himself, just to realise that I can't pick his pockets (or rather, they are empty) so I'd have to kill him to get the key to his manor intended to let anybody in without him noticing. Freaky reasoning, here. I might try to clean out the Corner Club someday in the future, but right now I'm bloody pissed at all this conspiratory bullshit and hush-hush ties between the different factions. I've just joined the mages' guild, and THEY want me to collect some fungi in some stupid swamp.

Whoever shipped me to Morrowind will pay dearly, I tell you. Fucking bastards.

 Day 4

I figured bugger them all and decided that my past career as a thief in Newport still is my way to go, no matter I got deported for that. Certainly beats looking for funny mushrooms or killing rogues. So I went directly to the source to get that bloody key. As Nerano didn't want to part with it I had to convince him to give me the ruddy thing, and now the head of the thieves' guild refused to pay me as "his body is an inconvenience". Damn you, Cat-Woman, get your priorities straight! At least I got something for the diamonds I stole, and my next task doesn't sound too bad: Go and "persuade" a bloke in Hla-Oad to hand over some stolen goods. Seems as if Cat-Woman isn't too averse to my modus operandi after all.

Got attacked by some damn stupid flying thing on my way to Hla-Oad. Damn it, as if its attack weren't bad enough the screeching made me flip my cookies. I really start to hate this place.

 Day 5

I just met a bunch of naked barbarians on my way back from Hla-Oad. Yup. Naked. Barbarians. Bunch of. Who couldn't move. Apparently, some "witch" had bound them to the spot and robbed them of everything worth stealing, specifically some weirdo battle axe or another. Damn, that bitch witch must have been reeeal busy. Well, I can't be arsed as I have a bounty on me head from the business in Hla-Oad and have to get rid of my wares quicksmart. Otherwise, the constables will.

wtf LOL?
This man has no penis.


Am I a delivery boy or what? A caterer, perchance? I'm supposed to steal a bottle of BRANDY? HELLO-O! After trying to sell Cat-Woman some brandy I had on me as "vintage", I disgruntedly went my ways and broke into the Hlaalu Council Manor, just to realise after much blood, sweat and tears I'm in the wrong building. Can't those imbreds even label their houses legibly? Well, no harm done (at least not to me), off to the REAL manor, hmm, quite good looking corpse lying in the entry hall, oh there's the brandy. Some hysteric chick then told me a story about a Dumner (the natives of Morrowind) with a fucking huge battle axe (who makes all these things?) storming in and killing the master of the house. Surprisingly little blood for such an murder, but guessing from his clothes he was something of a sissy anyway and probably died from heart stroke.

Still, all this errant stuff is becoming aggravating. Perhaps I should join the Imperial Cult or the Temple? The things described in the pamphlet sound right up my alley. Considering the sort of tasks I was given the past few days, mind, I guess they'll send me to collect some holy flower or smite the naked sodomite barbarians of Morrowind. The things we do for money ... and to get away from this godsforsaken island.

 Day 6

Is this place some kind of zoo? Had to bugger all the way to Fort Pelagiad to coerce some Orc bitch to let a thieves' guild operative go. So far, so good.

OMFG Teh Furries are lose!
Behold, the furry love interest!

But first I bumped into some religious chick who went on and on about the nine virtues and nine gods and so on, and implored me with her baby blue eyes to join the Imperial Cult. Well, I might reconsider at a later time, but I've seen what happens if you join too many factions, and as I'm not supposed to steal from Imperial Cultists ... you get the idea. She pouted and gave me her cold shoulder, then, so I stole the sacrificial money from the altar and left again.

The real freaky part, though, was Ahnassi. "Yes, Ahnassi is Khajit, Nggalai is Elf, Ahnassi don't care." Not only can't she speak properly, but she came onto me harder than a carriage full of anvils, admiring my "smooth moves" (that's a first) and going on and on about "giving eachother stuff". Well she wasn't talking body fluids, and I can't say I'm too unhappy about it. Women scare me, especially if they purr all the time and ask me to do things such as killing a Camonna Tong bigwig. She also suggested it might be fun to "wrestle" with me. Eeek. Help.

I'm on my way back to Balmora as I write this down. Have I mentioned I met yet another woman on the deserted road who was looking for some rogue who stole her jewels? Apparently, she's more interested in his jewels than getting back her own. Must be the wet weather, driving all those girls crazy.

 Day 7

FUCKING HELL! Another of those SWAT Ninja blokes! Armed to the teeth, he got at me just as I was leaving some bloody Dwemer ruins on my first quest for The Blades. I barely made it out alive. OK, this settles it — I'll deliver this stupid Hellraiser puzzle box or whatever it is and bugger off to Ebonheart. Two assassins inside one week ... I hope they won't uppen the ante.


This Fighters' Guild guy I had to get the puzzle box for told me about a "Sixth Great House", the "House of Dagoth" and provided me with a reading list. So far, so good. Less good: As soon as I left the guild house, some Dumner idiot accosted me, mumbling that he were a sleeper and that Lord Dagoth shall rise again! RISE I say! And YOU betrayed him! How could DARE to BETRAY HIM, HUH!??! This is not a zoo, but a mental institution. I need to get out, I need to get out now before I become infected with this weird shit. Already now I have crazy-ass dreams about some wedding ceremony or something, with corpses in it and a bloke wearing a golden mask. I'm about ready to kill Mr. No-Shirt just to see whether he thought I'd do that.

 Day 8

Went to Ebonheart today just to find one hell of an obnoxious guy. Guard Captain my ass! Rather than giving me any valuable advise about those SWAT killers he went all "oh, I find this hard to believe, after all, you're still alive" and "if you want to seek out the Dark Brotherhood, go to Mournhold". Yeah, right motherfucker. I want to AVOID them, not FIND them. Any brains in that curly-haired head of yours, mate?

Thanks for nothing, dude.
The bubble over his head doesn't say "unhelpful bastard."
But it should.

The rest of the Ebonheartians aren't much of a help either. Some offered me work, others ignored me, most just stood around as if nailed to the floor. I'm going back to Balmora and check out that task No-Shirt gave me before I left for Ebonheart. Something about talking to an Orc mage at the Mages' Guild to further "our" quest for the Sixth House. Here's a hundred Septims it will involve pillageing some dead Necromancer's bed room. And why does No-Shirt keep telling me my "personality is lacking for advancement?" Bastard. Bastards them all.


You owe me a hundred Septims. OK, make that 50 as I'm not supposed to purge a bedroom but rather go bones-picking in a haunted crypt. Hey, I'm a thief, not the Ghostbusters. I'll let that Orc witch mage whatever and No-Shirt wait. Something tells me it might be better for my health if I joined House Hlaalu on a retainer. They might be able to help me with those Dark Brotherhood morons, after all. Also, I don't think Agents will have to dig around tombs, search for mushrooms in the dark or kill rogues holed up in ancient shrines. Seems as if I'm going to stay here for a long time, so let's try making the best of it. If this includes heating up inter House wars, causing the death of as many of these ignorants on the island as possible, that's fine by me.

 Days 9 to 11

Going to Gnaar Mok to take care of that Daren Adryn for Ahnassi, Furry Love Interest. Trip took me almost a day, and now I'm facing some three gangsters who want to rip the flesh off my bones. But they don't, they simply won't attack me. Bloody Northeners. Had to taunt them for hours until they finally lost it and tried to skin me alive. Well, killed them quicksmart, so that's fine by me.

Look! He has a book for a leg!
The amazing flying dumbass.

On my way to Pelagiad, a wizard fell from the skies. Yes indeed, a wizard. I don't know enough about the local weather, apart from it being wet, so I don't know whether raining includes morons too. Well, stripped him of his goods and made sure I wouldn't use this flying spell he apparently was trying out. They sure breed 'em stupid here in Morrowind.

Ahnassi was so pleased with the death of that Camonna Tong guy she "thanked me with her lips". Yes, Ms Double-Entendre strikes again. She then proceded to go on telling me about her ex-lover who's a drug addict in Vivec and asked me to get him to drop his habit. I really don't understand women, or Khajit sex, for that matter: "Ahnassi does not love him any longer, but once somebody has been in your blood you are tied to him forever". That doesn't sound too hygenic.

While I was in the Pelagiad region, I figured I could just as well go and get that bloody skull for the Orc Necromancer cum Mage as part of my latest Blades assignment. Piece of cake, and I'm now so ladden with ectoplasm, bonemeal and the like I seriously consider "acquiring" a hideout for my stash. I think I'll move into Nerano Mansion, after all, apart from the body I left a few days ago? No-one there. Yes. Let's go and get settled. But first, off to see No-Shirt, the Blades master.

 Days 12 to 15

No-Shirt was happy. Very happy. He promoted me, gave me some training in what he calls "Speechcraft" (I call it bullshitting, but that's just me I suppose), and I've got a couple of days off to attend to my own devices. Well, as I need money I decided to go and clean out the nearby Dwemer ruins ... err, of the raiders inside. Yes. Exactly. That's what I meant. ANYWAY, got enough stash off ... the bodies of the raiders, yes, and I'm heading over to Fort Moonmoth. Apparently, the Legion Champion wanted a word with me. Here's hoping it's not about my raidi... getting rid of raiders.


Anybody with such trousers should be put out of his misery.

JUST BRILLIANT! ARGH! The Champion wants me to take out five (5) Camonna Tong members in Balmora. And of course they're all in one room, just waiting for some foolhardy idiot to walk in and pick a fight. Unfortunately, I won't have much of a choice than trying to get rid of these bastards — the "Champion" is holding back a package the Emperor sent me. My pardon? A ticket home? DAMN! I need that package. But how on earth am I supposed to kill those people? He specifically asked for a quote "bloodbath" unquote. Just my ruddy luck. I'll have a drink and ponder how to curse the gods for getting me into this mess.

MUCH Later.

Weee. I drank myself silly, then just walked into the Corner Club and started taunting the people there. Asked the smith whether his dick was as small as his intellect, that sort of thing. But only when I called them a bunch of homos did they finally come around and attacked me. Bloodbath indeed, I almost died myself. And what for, do you ask?

A ring. A bloody ring. Oh, and some weirdo book about some weirdo Wolf Queen or another. That's all. People here need a SERIOUS reality check. I'll join House Hlaalu later today, I hope those people know how to reimburse an honest man for his troubles. Otherwise, I'll stage Bloodbath II: The Wrath of Nggalai. Written, produced and executed by yours truly. Fuckers.

 Days 16 to 20

OK, let's see ... the Hlaalu agent wants me in Vivec, stealing from an alchemist. No-Shirt wants me in Vivec, gathering information about this ridiculous sixth house thing. Ahnassi the Furry Love Interest wants me in Vivec, getting her ex off drugs. And I'm supposed to meet another Hlaalu representative — in Vivec. I think it's clear what I have to do: Get as far away from Vivec as possible.

Sand storms are good for your health.
Now THAT'S what I call bad weather!

So I tried. Damn. I got some tasks from the Thieves' Guild operative in Ald'ruhn, but that bloody Bosmer idiot thief must have it in for me. First, he sent me to raid the Guild of Mages, which was supposed to be "empty and no guards yo help yourself". Was I surprised when some bloke tried to fry me alive? No. I got this weirdo Devil Tanto thingy for the Bosmer, just to be sent off to steal a Redoran Master Helm from a Redoran High Council member. Hello? It was hard enough to pose as a Redoran on my first assignment from the Hlaalu guys, but at least I wasn't supposed to pick a fight right in the middle of the Redoran council seat. Well, I got that, thanks to the ring I got for slaughtering those people in the Balmora Corner Club. Nigh invisible, I was able to steal that bloody Helm right under the nose of its owner. Go me.

Next task was "get that diary of the bloke's daughter you just stole the Helm from." Piece of cake. Afterwards, I was on my way to Maar Gan for yet another book. I feel like a trader, albeit in rather specialised goods ... after all, that second book is about a guy who believes some other guy wants to turn him into a sex slave and later starts talking backwards after making a tiny naked guy run backwards. Yes, weirdos them all. Well, the Bosmer isn't only a bibliophile, but asked me for scrap metal to fix some spider robot or another. Then, he wanted me to steal some bloody darts, again from Redoran Council folk. Are they trying to annoy me or are they simply naturally good at it?

And now, it's definitely time to go to Vivec. Bosmer-boy doesn't have any more jobs for me and pointed out a contact in: Vivec. What's it with that bloody city? Seems like a magnet or something. Here's hoping I won't regret the day I set foot in its cantons. But first things first — I'll get drunk. I have 3,000 Septims to spend after all. Cheers.

 Days 21 to ???

Argh! Vivec! Argh!

More later. But they simply MUST be shitting me. Bastards!


It takes you 100h to go through everything.
Welcome to Vivec, city of 1,000 identical abodes!

OK, now I am properly drunk so I can go on. Just figures — the jobs were easy enough to accomplish, i.e. FINDING those people I was supposed to pump for information and the Chick that owns those alchemist formulae for House Hlaalu. But GETTING the information is something different entirely. Every single one of my contacts sent me on some stupid errant or another. Doesn't sound too bad, now does it? Well, think again: Vivec is a bloody huge city. It's also exceedingly boring, architecture-wise, so I got lost faster than virginity at a boarding school. I don't even know what fucking DAY it is anylonger. I'll have a last chat with the religious chick and then I'm outta here. On top of this wacko city, nightmares are plagueing me. I need more alcohol.

Much (?) later.

OK, it's day 23. I talked to the religious girl, got the book she asked for, and thanked the Gods for the Recall spell I bought. Back in Balmora, both No-Shirt and the Hlaalu agent were more than happy to receive my reports. No-Shirt wants me to leave him alone for a bit to uphold my cover story of being the normal, average Morrowinder, but I think I would achieve better results in that respect by cursing at everybody in sight and being generally unpleasent. Well, Hlaalu Girl sent me on to destroy an egg mine and promoted me. A couple of tasks more like this one and I might even get my own deed and finally am able to leave that dreaded mansion behind I use for my stash. The body starts to stink, never mind the sobs of anguish from his servant. Well, off to kill that egg queen in Suran. Never been that far east before, might be interesting. Also, I can go by Pelagiad and tell Ahnassi the Furry Love Interest about her ex's recuberation from his drug addiction. I need nookie.

 Days 24 to 28

Suran is quite the pits. Those bastards "employ" slaves, have hardly anything worth stealing, and the hospitality could be better, too. But then, I might be slightly spoiled by Ahnassi's own brand of, quote, Khajit hospitality *nudge nudge* unquote. Be it as it may: people here are not too friendly unless you pay them shitloads of money, and it hasn't rained in two days. This weather can't be good for my health.

Charlie's Angels they are not.
Fresh meat! Get it while it's fresh!

I see. This is why everybody told me I should visit Suran. They even have a semi naked Khajit I refrain from showing pictures of so it won't excite the wrong sort of person. Yes, this means you. The clientel isn't too savory either; one bloke first told me that "Runa was a gem, no?" just to go on babbling about swords and blunt weapons. And I thought I was kinky. Anyway, the whores are too expensive — as is everything in Suran — so I'm off to that egg mine to kill the queen. Can't be that hard, now can it?


That was easy enough, but unfortunately Hlaalu Girl sent me on to Vivec on another chore. While there, I felt like rubbing elbows with the local Guild of Thieves master, and what a weirdo he is. Quite apart from his fancy pants, he seems to speak in riddles. He gave me some icky gloves he called "Bal Molagmer gloves" and was babbling about rekindling a fire of justified thievery. I said it before, I say it again — Morrowind is stock-full of insane people. Well, I need to retrieve some sort of stupid locket (wtf m8???) while wearing my new gay gloves. Duh. Well, got the locket and gave it to its original owner. He was so happy he almost wet his undies, here's hoping Mr. Fancy Pants will react similarly. Might do his credibility some good. Idiot.

Apart from that, House Hlaalu business is running as usual. Almost. I get to do my errands for Hlaalu Girl, but apparently I'll need a sponsor for further advancement and thus, my own shack out in the woods or something. She suggested I talked to a bloke in Vivec about it, and sniggered when she said he'd gladly take me under his wing. I have a bad feeling about this.

 Day 29

OK, now I know why everybody was giggling when I asked for Crassius Curio in Vivec. He's an old fairy, that's why. Called me "Dumpling" right from the start and asked me to take my clothes off before he'd talk to me.

Who's your daddy? Huh? WHO'S YOUR DADDY???
It's not how it looks ...

He went on calling me "Sweetie-Pie" and hinted that "Uncle Crassius" will reward me if I'm "in his service". Oh-my-Gods. Oh well, I still have Mr. Fancy Pants and his ridiculous holier-than-thou tasks ahead. But something tells me I joined the wrong house, even though Fagman made me House Cousin. No, don't ask.

So, next on the programme is stealing some ledger from an allegedly corrupt Orc, get more information for the Blades master, and lapdance for the pederast. Err, I mean get stuff for Fagman. Yeah.

ANYWAY things are looking up, somewhat. I got enough money, Fagman seems to like me (SHUT UP!) so I might just get my mansion one of these days, and who knows? Perhaps the emperor will show pity and release me from this godsforsaken island. I can only hope. Fagman mentioned something he called "special treatment". Eeeek.

 Days 30 and 31

OK, I found the ledger and Mr. Fancy Pants sent me on a manhunt or rather, a rescue mission ... but something tells me the dude I'm looking for is dead and stinkin'. Well, I've got other tasks on my hand, too ... some shifty guy called Odral in Caldera is supposed to provide me with the current Hlaalu business. But it's weird ... sealed documents on behalf of the assistant, not the boss, of the Hlaalu treasury ... I don't know. Might have to talk with Fagman about that one.

While looking for the missing-presumed-dead bloke, I bumped into an invisible man. I could show you a picture of him, but it would just be another image of the incredibly boring architecture of Vivec city, so I won't. Well, I promised to help him out; this invisibility stuff might come in handy.


So THAT's why I didn't like Tattoo-Face in Balmora: The Fighter's Guild ist getting involved with the Camona Tong. Mr. Fancy Pants sent me off to talk to some old fighter jerk in Ald'ruhn. Well, can do if I go up there the next time. First, it's reporting back for some bloody deed exchange, another troublesome task by Caldera idiot Odral. I even had to taunt a girl until she attacked me to pull this off. Odral better pay me well for it ...

Odral really IS one mean motherfucker. He didn't worry about my killing that girl, no, he sends me out to collect 50 drakes from two farmers each. If they don't pay up, kill them. I don't particularly enjoy killing people (really!), so I payed from my own pocket. And now, I should smuggle ebony? No chance. Off to Crassius Fagman. Who promptly sends me off to Ald'ruhn, or rather the fort in its vicinity to trade in Mr. Odral. Well, all's well that end's well, no?

 Days 32 to 36

OK, that Ald'ruhn fighter dude doesn't want to join the battle, but at least he gave me some information I can use. Mr. Fancy Pants was quite pleased about the information, but now sends me on a grail quest or something. "The Bitter Cup". Sounds like a bitter quest, quite frankly ... I think I'll hold on that one for a while. Time to talk with Fagman.

Fagman sends me to Hla Oad to "convince" a smuggler to "pay his respect" to our house. He also promoted me to "House Brother" (better than "cousin" I'd say) and gave me a couple of rings that would, quote, "look good on you" unquote. Errrr. Anyway, the task doesn't sound that hard, so ... Let's go!

Cthulhu fhtagn! Ya! Ya!


That was easy. Almost too easy considering that was the last job Fagman could give me. I'm now with a chick called Eldryno or something, also here in Vivec, to get more jobs done. I can't be further promoted for a while still as I need the necessary skills ... well, there's only so much I would do for promotion ... tee-hee. So it's back to easy tasks for now ... like escorting some dude who apparently is out of form. Sooooo slooooow ... And he has an affinity for tentacles, at any rate, the Netches followed us for quite a while. It was eerie, let me tell you.

I decided once I was in Pelagiad I could just as well travel north to Balmora and take a few days' leave. Did so, trained some, got a job from No-Shirt. Ald'ruhn again. What is it with this city? Oh, well ... Off I go.



OK, now at least I know what I'm doing on this godsforsaken island: I was picked because I have the appearance of being the reborn Nerevarine, something the indigious people have been waiting for for ages. Just. Great. Now I'm supposed to chat with the heads of an illegal cult so they believe me I'm this godlike dude and the emperor gets an inside handle on the situation. AAAARGH. And House Hlaalu sends me on a payback mission against the Telvanni. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I need a drink. Badly. Now.

 Days 37 to 41

Not good.
What. The. Fuck.

OK, that really wasn't a payback mission. I travelled on foot all the way to Molag Mar (same boring buildings as in Vivec), so this took me some time. Found this weird abode I was supposed to "secure" for house Hlaalu easy enough (it was just next to some weird-ass ruins) but a necromancer was taking a hostage. So I had to fight a Daedra ... hardy beasts indeed, in the end I sold its heart to an alchemist. Hehe.

Once back in Vivec, I received shitloads of money for this little adventure and was sent to kill some rats. What the fuck? Am I pest control, now? Well, that gave me just as much money as the rescue mission, so I guess people here have a serious kink in their valueing of human life ... I'm on my way to some ashlander camp now, to "suggest" they sell ebony through house Hlaalu. If I continue like this, I can soon afford my own stronghold. Whee! Off we go!

 Days 42 to 45

err, no.
Seriously. Who wants to live here?

OK, finding the Ashlanders was a piece of cake. I was first a bit disconcerted about the landscape ... it's just too friendly. Grass wherever you look, and even the houses look weird. It's peaceful for sure, but I couldn't live here. I mean, really. A house that looks like a fungus? Thanks, no, thanks.

Only one more task and I should have the money for my land deed. Yes! Albeit, this one sounds difficult — I'm supposed to look for the ship wreck of the Prelude near Bal Fell. Happy hunting indeed ... Oh, well. The swimming will do me good.


Another easy task ... thankfully, I travelled home via Ebonheart, so I was able to pester the Dude, err, Duke about the construction contract. Got it, and the land deed, too. The construction of my bloody stronghold should begin bloody soon. Was about bloody time, too.

 Days 46 to 55

I decided to check out this Bitter Cup thingy for Mr. Fancy Pants, and while I'm up north, I could check by the Urshilaku Camp on orders of No-Shirt. Bad idea. The Ashkhan wants to adopt me (what is it with all those men who're after men here?), but to be accepted, I need to fetch his dead dad's old bow. From a crypt. Guarded by all sorts of monsters. Took me days to get through that hellhole, and now the Spy Master wants to send me to some sort of Battle near Ald'ruhn. Just. Great. I know it's pressing, but please ... no fucking way. It has to wait.

 Days 56 to 58

ave satanas.
Whatever you do, do NOT drink from this.

Checked on my stronghold, and it's the pits. Here's hoping they'll get going soon; right now, you wouldn't want to live there. Bleh. The quest for the Bitter Cup didn't start too well, either — got attacked by two hardcore skeletons with funky arrows. And it got worse from there on. The bitter Cup was protected by some skeleton war wizard who wielded a vampiric ring: one touch, and I went bye-bye. Took me two days to finish him off, and what for? For some weirdo quasi-grail.

Fancy Pants liked it so much he gave me ... a lock pick. And sent me off to get another dude to join our cause by putting pressure on his woman. So now I'm supposed to threaten helpless girls, too? Being a thief really isn't too savory ... well, it worked out alright, but now Fancy Pants doesn't want to promote me as I haven't done enough jobs yet, but doesn't have any more tasks for me until I've been promoted. Hello? Logic, where are you? So, what to do now? I think I'll join the imperial cult ... at least, it may do me some good to, well, do good ...

 Days 59 to 91

Well well. I had a ball ... being with the Imperial Cult is less pious than I expected. Let's see — I killed a witch, actually I killed a lot of people, was sent to salvage some holy artefacts, dispelled ghosts ... not bad, not half as boring as I'd have believed. OK, there's this almonder business, too, but I've got enough money I just pay them off myself. Ha. Still ... weird mixture. Kill witch, get shirt. Get rid of ghost, get muck. The oracle quests sound interesting, mind: Find a "Ring in Darkness", salvage some "Boots of the Apostle" and so on. Quite interesting quests indeed I'd say. Overall, these assignments did me good indeed. Much time to contemplate my role in things to come.

In other news: I'm the new Hlaalu Grandmaster. Duke Dren asked me to do some jobs for him. It also gave me an excuse not to dealing with Fagman, so yeah, I followed his orders. It was fun, to say the least. Incredible how far a couple of thousand septims will bring you. Also fun: During my last trip to Mournhold, I acted in a play — and an assassin attacked me. Well, got rid of him, and I now own a nice Daedric Wakizashi. Things are developing just fine for me.

 Days 92 to 95

OK, it was time to deal with this Sixth House business No-Shirt gave me a while ago. And weird lot they are ... running around half-naked and eating rotten meat. Bleh. Killing them didn't feel half as bad as one would expect. But the head honcho was the weirdest of them all — what is it with this Cthulhu-fixation on Morrowind? Well, I killed him anyway and good riddance. Unfortunately, I also contracted Corprus disease and had to get treated by some mad Telvanni wizard who's keeping the last of the dwarves. Fucked-up situation for poor Yagrum, being kept with all those Corprus victims in some dungeon ... but there's nothing I can do for him.

 A personal message from Nggalai, September 2008

I'm sorry, but I just can't go on. Not that I hate Morrowind or anything, but, well ... Let's just say I have been lacking the infrastructure to continue my quest for some time now. But who knows? The diary may be updated again in the future. VMWare permit. We'll see. In the mean time, check out my rants at Angry Sascha, there's a good lad.

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